Sims 3 MAC 0x039e8474 error

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Sims 3 MAC 0x039e8474 error

Post by comawh1te on Thu 06 Apr 2017, 02:25


I'm new to this community but I wanted to seek help for a problem with my Sims 3 game on Mac. I have a 2015 13.3  Macbook Pro with Sierra.

I downloaded The Sims 3 base game and some expansion packs from here: https: //games4 and I followed the instructions on and on here: https:// Guides/The_Sims_3_Mac_Guide.pdf . I converted all my expansion packs to DMG on the disk utility except the base game, so I just ran both ISO files and used the installer that came with the first one. I installed the base game, and applied the manual patch: and proceed to install all the expansion packs and went to crack the base game with the files on the #Crack folder on the Ultimate Fix: http:/ / he-sims-3-ultimate-fix-should-fix-most-of-your-problems for mac, obviously. Since I'm a new member I can't post the links, but I think you get and idea.

 I tried running the game, the launcher worked perfectly fine, but I had the 0x039e8474 error. It says it has the game version 1.67.2 and is up to date. Thinking I could solve the problem, I placed the rest of the cracks on the Ultimate Fix on every expansion pack that needed it. (Late night, Ambitions, High End Loft, World Adventures) but the same error still shows up... I tried installing only the Late Night expansion with the base game and even cracking it correctly (I have checked the file path several times) but it said that I needed the CD when I tried to play. Any ideas of what am I doing wrong?

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Re: Sims 3 MAC 0x039e8474 error

Post by Phoebe on Tue 02 May 2017, 11:00


When it comes to installing Sims 3 on Mac, we need to be extra careful with every step.

The keys are;

* After installing the base game, updating your game with the latest patch from this topic. And start installing the packs IN ORDER to their relase dates. We aren't sure if it matters, but some say it does so it's better to install them in order to their release dates.

*After all the packs are installed, update your game AGAIN, using the same update that I mentioned above. 

*Now, go to this post and download the MAC version of the Ultimate Fix and follow the instructions in it carefully.

If you do it right, your game will work but please make sure you do all teh steps right as in the Ultimate Fix guide.

Let me know the result please.

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