Mods not working, tried just about everything

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Mods not working, tried just about everything

Post by Lolba on Fri 21 Apr 2017, 06:50

Hi everyone! As the title suggests I'm having a problem adding mods to the game.

My Sims 3 install works perfectly fine and I can play the game without issue, but I have been trying to install mods and thus far I have been without success. I downloaded the mod framework from modthesims, which includes Resource.cfg, an Overrides and Packages folder, and a couple of .package mods (NoIntro and Nosparkles).

>The mods folder is in my Sims 3 folder in My Documents, not in Program Files. Resource.cfg sits next to the Overrides and Packages folder. The mods I'm trying to get to work (nointro and nosparkles) are both .package files. My setup is straight out of the modthesims guide to modding.
>I have tried reinstalling the game.
>I have tried deleting the cache files.
>I have tried deleting the mod framework and starting from the beginning.

I'm running Windows 8.1. If anyone has any insight on how I can get mods to run, please share it. I must have done something wrong for it to not work, but I cannot figure out what. Thanks for reading.


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