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Post by reythegamer on Sun 23 Apr 2017, 04:27


I've had your guy's crack for a while, very reliable and I'm glad it exists because tbh I'm a high school student with no money LOL. 

However, I'm having a problem with the CC, and I've read a bunch of topics, tried to clear my caches, edited my Resource, tried to play it vanilla to get the mods folder, ect. And while I had it working with a previous mod folder, (One my friend had given me), and it worked, there were so many that it actually crashed my game.

I eventually deleted that, and remade my own folder (With 300 CC, instead of 3,000), and nothing is showing up, not even hair or make-up CC. The strangest part is that it shows up in the mod pop-up, but not in CAS.

I would be ecstatic if you guys could help me get it working, without me having to reinstall everything...  Why.

Thank you in advance,

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  • Windows 10

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  • 64 bits (x64)

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