Proper order for installing ?

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Proper order for installing ?

Post by Sisitecandy on Wed 26 Apr 2017, 18:04

So I currently want to download the Sims 4 from here, and the torrent of the base game is actually downloading right now. And I want all of the DLC that Games4theworld is offering and it says on the topic that I should download and install each DLC by order. So I was wondering, what about the Ultimate fix of the Sims 4 ? Because I actually want the latest version (not with the toddlers because it's not out yet), and since the ultimate fix makes your game updated, when should I download and install it ? After having installed all of the DLC's ? Or right after just having the base game ?


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Re: Proper order for installing ?

Post by amxlia21 on Thu 11 May 2017, 12:51

Hi! I assume you used this link to help you out:

Basically, the "ultimate fix" is now INCLUDED in the "City Living" pack meaning there isn't an extra step. Simply download and install the 1) Base game, 2) Get To Work, 3) Get Together, 4) City Living -- then enjoy!  Carlos is tha man!!!
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