Cant load game im brought back to select a world?

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Cant load game im brought back to select a world?

Post by MissesMaroon on Fri 05 May 2017, 17:12

Hi every one! I need some serious help. So I installed the sims 4 collection from here I followed the guides for install provided in the torrents and I followed the how to install sims 4 correctly page forum thing on here. On my boyfriends desktop every thing worked perfectly accept for when I try to load up a save. When I load a save it shows the loading screen and then takes me to select a world again. I have looked all over for a solution and cant find one any where. I completly reinstalled the game and that didnt work. I deleted my saves I deleted my cache files I removed all cc and still cant get past the problem. what I have found so far by looking it up is that there is no fix for it and ea is clueless as usual. I thought maybe it was just my boyfriends desktop so I tried installing the sims 4 on my laptop and it dose the same thing. Am I screwing up my install or is it my computers?

It looks like this problem could be caused by outdated cc being used in game. Im not positive but this youtube comment helped some.

They said to move all trey files mod files and saves to temporary folders elsewhere on your pc. Load up the game witch should be working now exit the game and put back all the files you moved to temporary folders start your game and it should tell you what cc was causing issues. Mine didnt do that so Im gunna have to find them manually.

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