Gallery Builds Not Showing Up

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Gallery Builds Not Showing Up

Post by Leviathan on Fri 05 May 2017, 20:35

Hello! I recently downloaded a few of the Gallery builds converted over for the cracked game from the requests list here and extracted them all to the Tray folder. Whenever I go into the game to check them out, however, not one of them appears. The only ones showing are builds I grabbed from a CC site and none from here. To be more specific on the ones I tried adding:

- Japanese Hotsprings House
- Japanese Garden
- Asian-Japanese Mansion
- Mountain Village
- Asian Mountain House
- Underwater House

Their .rars extracted perfectly fine, but I just can't seem to have them show even after toggling the 'Show Custom Content' under the Advanced dropdown. 


Never mind, I figured out what was wrong. I was an idiot and accidentally extracted the files as a whole folder into the Tray rather than keeping them all together. 


Windows version :
  • Windows 7

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