Sims 4 buzzing and blank blue box.

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Sims 4 buzzing and blank blue box.

Post by smeadlly on Fri 12 May 2017, 15:48


I'm very sorry if this is in the wrong place but am new to the whole "forum-ing" thing.

I'm posting as Im having a couple of issues with the install of Sims 4. I've noticed a very annoying buzzing sound whenever I'm in game - not on main menu or village view anything - and is constant, slightly changing as the camera moves. It's not TOO bad when theres music on in the background form a jukebox but its still there and rather annoying! 

I've also noticed the blue box that appears in the top right corner does not display any text..? 

The first issue was from a clean install, following the guides, and the second since I added mods. I've deleted all mods and reinstalled since yet both grievances persist...

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks all.a


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