Re-installing Problem

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Re-installing Problem

Post by deadhungry27 on Tue 16 May 2017, 16:18

So im reinstalling the game.. because the vampire update is not working.(Stuck at loading screen when, going to household). i wanted to go back to city living update. but the problem is that im getting this error " Unable to start:    The contents of your user data directory were created by a newer version of The Sims 4 and cannot be loaded. Please update your game via origin to play [d6f91ffb:29f00e76:00000000:00000000]" i didnt get this error untill i try the vampire update. 

Also, do i need to touch the crack folder in Base Sims 4 folder before i install all the dlc ? been while, completely forgot how to install sims 4 correctly.  Facepalm


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