Possible Fix for endless household loading screen & missing language strings [G4TW Toddlers repack].

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Possible Fix for endless household loading screen & missing language strings [G4TW Toddlers repack].

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Tue 16 May 2017, 21:17

Hello all!

People have been messaging us through various means asking about these issues with endless household loading screens, regarding the G4TW repack of "toddlers" (available on the G4TW Downloads Page).


So what you do AFTER you applied the G4TW repack of toddlers is this. Go to where you installed The Sims 4 to. Then rename the Game folder. See my screenshot here. I renamed it to Game_ .

Now, once you renamed the folder, please download this temporary fix here, from one of the mirrors:

This is another "Game" folder, packed in a .rar archive. You place that new Game-folder inside your The Sims 4 installation folder. In my above screenshot, the new "Game" is marked accordingly. Then you go inside the new "Game", then under Bin, and start the game with your TS4.exe. I noticed the game now takes significantly longer to start up, but by this method I was able to load my old savefile.

I assume these problems are due to some 'technicality' with the G4TW release, which as of now I have not been able to pinpoint more precisely. 


As for the missing language strings, please download another file from one of the mirrors here (thanks to user @Max420420420 for submitting this fileset!).

Extract all folders included in the .rar archiveto your The Sims 4 installation. Choose "merge folders" and "replace files in the destination" if prompted.

Note: this is a temporary fix/workaround. For any further issues or comments, please search The Sims 4 Downloads Support for existing troubleshooting discussions, or open a new topic if you feel you need more assistance. Good luck! Smile
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