Game Data Incomplete: possible fix.

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Game Data Incomplete: possible fix.

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Sat 20 May 2017, 10:53

Hello all,

Are you getting an error message in-game (after loading a household) that looks like this?

Most of you will - by now - have installed The Sims 4 in one specific location, and sticked with it. For the majority of you, that location is going to be C:\Program files (x86). I had the game installed on there as well, but I decided to move the folder to C:\Program files, in order to be able to properly use the TS4_x64.exe. Once I restarted the game from the new location, I got the above error message. 

If you read the error message carefully it says "(...) the savefile references neighborhoods that have been uninstalled or otherwise are no longer available." From there I figured, why not briefly start up the game, and test which neighborhoods exactly are not available anymore?

After loading the household I used the smartphone to try and "move" the household. I clicked in the top left to bring up the screen that shows the neighborhoods.

The second screenshot (normally) indicates an intact game setup, with a total of 7 neighborhoods. In my case it was relatively easy. The neighborhood marked in the second screenshot shows "Forgotten Hollow", the one added in the Vampires gamepack. I simply re-applied the G4TW repack of toddlers+ vampires+ bowling stuff (+ the temp fix), and when I loaded the game up the next time, the missing neighborhood was back, and everything else OK with the game. What if other neighborhoods are now missing for you?

San Myshuno  Arrow re-apply City Living + Toddlers (+ temp fix)
Windenburg    Arrow re-apply Get together + City Living + Toddlers (+ temp fix)
Magnolia Promenade  Arrow  re-apply Get to Work + Get together + City Living + Toddlers (+ temp fix)
Granite Falls  Arrow  re-apply Get to Work + Get together + City Living + Toddlers (+ temp fix)

If more than one neighborhood is missing in your game, it's probably the easiest for most of you to re-apply every G4TW DLC of TS4, starting with Get to Work. See the guide here for the latest available information on the installation order and general procedure:

I suspect that Windows' handling of file/folder permissions can cause the problem that during the moving of the folder, parts of the folder contents simply vanish. But you also have to make sure that you have set your exclusions in Windows Defender and any other security program as well, as these programs tends to react to new file/folder movements. If you feel you have to "move" the installation folder of The Sims 4, I would suggest that instead of moving the folder, you simply COPY it, to the new destination. So in case anything goes wrong, you still have the folder in the original location. And you wouldn't necessarily have to re-install or re-apply anything.

That said, good luck, and be mindful of moving the install folder of The Sims 4!

P.S. for those players who may actually get this error with an Origin-based The Sims 4, I suppose you could try right-clicking on The Sims 4 in your game library and choose "Repair Game".


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Re: Game Data Incomplete: possible fix.

Post by SimNord on Sat 20 May 2017, 14:35

Or simply just install it in a folder in c named Games "wink"

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