In re Sims 4 CAS items missing post 'temp fix' correction.

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In re Sims 4 CAS items missing post 'temp fix' correction.

Post by Run_Said_Ran on Sun 21 May 2017, 19:09

Hola, all.

I am experiencing recurring issues with CAS items from packs, thus far Get To Work and Get Together, not showing up in-game. I corrected the latter by re-downloading the update (my anti-virus/anti-malware protection programs were off at my initial and follow-up downloads), however, once done I found that CAS items from the former suddenly disappeared.

To the best of my knowledge I have correctly installed the game (I followed the provided install guidelines verbatim) and solved my infinite load screen issues by applying the 'temp-fix' patch.  Still, I am unable to figure out why CAS items are 'toggling' in my current game.

Aside: I had an issue with accessing a former save featuring a CC-free 'makeover' of the neighborhoods/destinations. Initially, I could not get the save file to load, however, I noticed when I applied the Get Together update again, I could miraculously access the save file.

I have not installed any custom content that would effect CAS items (the majority are script mods geared toward game-play/lag fixes). I will, again, try reinstalling the update(s) to see if that corrects that problem.

Any help, or links to an existing forum post of this nature (I could not find one of this particular nature), would be appreciated.


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