ZLOrigin made simple.

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ZLOrigin made simple.

Post by Tarac on Mon 22 May 2017, 14:44

Now also available for the Sims 3 and the Sims 2    (additional info for Sims 2 see this topic)

Before you consider installing ALL DLC's and updates via ZLOrigin, bear in mind that:
1. When Zclient is down, or forced to close, the whole system is worthless and you can't play your installed games.
2. Rest assured that Electronic Arts / Origin is working extremely hard on counter-measures
3. Reliable cracks are still better. Once you've installed them, they are YOURS.
Update: It looks like zclient/zlorigin is very reliable now. New DLC's available within 1 day of release.

ZLOrigin is a new way of downloading and playing various games (The Sims 4 and The Sims 3) without cracks.
It looks very simular to Origin.

What do you need ?
1. A free account on zloemu.tk
2. Access to the server via Zclient
3. Access to ZLOrigin

How can I get that ?
Grab the item from THIS DOWNLOAD LINK. Extract with Winrar.
You might get a warning that the file contains a virus. Ignore it.
You now have a folder ZL-systeem that contains 2 other folders, Zclient and ZLOrigin.
Place the folder ZL-Systeem on your desktop as you will need it often.

Preparations - step 1 - Zclient
Open the folder Zclient and the Folder New login
Click on zloemu for a connection with zloemu.tk
Open a new account with a (new) valid email-address
The captcha is a kind of jig-saw-puzzle, complete it.

When you have completed your request for registration of a new account, you will receive a mail from ZLOFENIX, also check your spambox. Note users of @hotmail adresses reported frequently that they never received this mail.
Click on the link in that mail and you can now log in.

First contact with Zclient
Open your folder Zclient again and click Zclient.exe
Enter the details of your account (mail and password) and click on Connect
Zclient is now connecting and updating various data.
Leave Cloud to be Mailru !!!

In case you are disconnected (a newer version of Zclient is installed), try again.
When successful, the message Auth success as ..(your username) should display
Your folder Zclient will now also be filled with extra information

Preparations - step 2 - ZLOrigin
Now open your folder ZLOrigin and click on setup.exe to install ZLOrigin on your computer.

Preparations- step 3 -Install The Sims 4

When you also have a genuine Origin account, read THIS first
In ZLOrigin, click My Games
Now scroll down to the picture of the Sims4
Hover over it and you'll see Download - Click on it.
When download is completed, hover again over the picture of the Sims 4 and click on the i for information.
The DLC's will now install (waiting list for downloading).
Do not play the game when downloading is still in progress !

From now on:
Open de folder Zclient and click on zclient.exe to make a connection with the server
Click on the shortcut on your desktop to play the game.

People with a legal Origin account:

ZLOrigin will by default use the same installation folder as Origin
C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4.
So better to move that folder The Sims 4 to an other location on your computer.

When you allow Origin to update ZLOrigin files, you will loose ALL non-legally-bought DLC's
In that case, when you try to recover via ZLOrigin, great chance you will encounter a "critical error"

Mod edit: moved to "The Sims 4 tips & tricks".

- The_gh0stm4n


Disclaimer: the download link(s) in this tutorial can be accessed by (temporarily) disabling your browser adblockers. For more information on the topic, please see this commentary here

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