Vampire and stuff packs download

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Vampire and stuff packs download

Post by Preatyswarna on Thu 25 May 2017, 01:29

do you have vampire pack and new stuff packs
Kids Room Stuff
Luxury Party Stuff
Movie Hangout Stuff
Perfect Patio Stuff
Romantic Garden Stuff
Spooky Stuff ?

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Re: Vampire and stuff packs download

Post by Loonieloose on Thu 25 May 2017, 09:12

Those are all included in the various packs. So if you download The sims 4, get to work, get together, city living and Toddlers and Vampires  you have all this as well as Toddlers.( included with Vampires, no separate SP

EP01: Get to Work (Expansion pack)
EP02: Get Together (Expansion pack)
EP03: City Living (Expansion pack)
FP01: Holiday Celebration Pack (Free Pack)
GP01: Outdoor Retreat (Game Pack)
GP02: Spa Day (Game Pack)
GP03: Dine Out (Game Pack)
GP04: Vampires (Game Pack)
SP01: Luxury Party Stuff Pack
SP02: Perfect Patio Stuff Pack
SP03: Cool Kitchen Stuff Pack
SP04: Spooky Stuff Pack
SP05: Movie Hangout Stuff Pack
SP06: Romantic Garden Stuff Pack
SP07: Kids Room Stuff Pack
SP08: Backyard Stuff
SP09: Vintage Glamour Stuff
SP10: Bowling Stuffwork,
all this is there

find it here
The game must be installed in this order
Base game
getting to work
get together
city living and last toddlers and Vampires, which includes Bowling as well
With toddlers there might be two errors, one is infinite loading screen, which I had
and something to do with languages.These two errors can be fixed with this fix

please follow the instructions to a T. That also means the exclusions in your Virus protector and relocating of Install files. Instruction for installing are included in torrents.
comprehensive instructions for Virus programs and exclusions are found here.

Actually all info required can be found in this link.


I can not remember what is in which torrent, But remember, you cannot really have Legit game with pirated stuff tohgeteher, unless you really know how to work with computer and files etc.

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