Lots of new bugs..? Messed up clock and action queue :(

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Lots of new bugs..? Messed up clock and action queue :(

Post by abluefish on Mon 29 May 2017, 15:42

So, I love having toddlers, was really anticipating this new crack for so many months, but I'm having a lot of new bugs I've never seen before. I don't know if this is the place to post about these or what but here goes...

1. Clock: Time is screwed up. When all sims are sleeping the clock doesn't move in super speed FF normally and jumps back in time. While sleeping my sim's energy doesn't go up as it should, stops moving, goes forward, and it jumps back as well, making my sims wake up tired. 

2. Cancelling actions. Sometimes when telling my sims to do actions like work on the computer the action will immediately get cancelled. Whether free will is on or not. 

3. Sometimes sims will reset in the middle of an action and teleport away. 

4. Automatic actions (like celebrating at a birthday) get stuck in the queue, after cancelling it it keeps coming back and causes sims to stop whatever they're doing (like sleeping) because this action is triggering them.

Do bugs like this come with the updates even for people that buy it or are they problems with the crack itself?
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