I found a fix???!!

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I found a fix???!!

Post by Deadbydawn on Thu 01 Jun 2017, 21:53

So, me being me. I will literally not stop until' I can get my game to work.

So whenever I first installed the parenthood pack in my game bin
Programs(x86) -> The Sims 4 -> Game -> Bin 
I saw a file named thesims4par (I deleted it as it doesn't do anything.) as well as the "origins" file. (it doesn't do anything as well if you have it in your folder) 

I hadn't deleted the parenthood pack so that I wouldn't have to re-download if needed, I had to re-extract the parenthood pack 4 times and replace everything with the new files 4 different times, by the fourth time I finally got my game to work (I also have the update for missing interactions with parenthood so make sure you install that so you don't run into more problems) 
every time I replaced the files with new ones I opened my game and tried loading in to see if it worked.

Well I guess 4th times a charm for me because now it is running and loading without infinite loading screen I am playing with the parenthood pack and everything is working!! (: 

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