Crashing before startup menu

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Crashing before startup menu

Post by stace132 on Sun 04 Jun 2017, 16:22


I downloaded the new patch update and it keeps crashing on the loading screen at startup. It's not an endless loading screen, the plumbob stops spinning and the quotes dont change. It all freezes.

Any one know how to fix this? I've got the new game folder fix for this update and it still hasn't fixed it. 

EDIT - ive just realised the DLC folder is missing from the download therefore there's no GP05 in the DLC folder? Should it be there? 


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Re: Crashing before startup menu

Post by Ageha on Sun 04 Jun 2017, 17:11

In this path -> __Installer\DLC ?
Yes, there should be a GP05 inside. 

If that still doesn't solve your problem however, try running the game in windowed mode and make sure your mods folder have been move out.

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