Tried everything, game still loads endlessly to households [SOLVED]

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Tried everything, game still loads endlessly to households [SOLVED]

Post by MlleLulu on Sun 04 Jun 2017, 15:01

Sooo... Sorry I know everybody has the same issue, I tried to look every threads to find a solution, but nothing works... (all my games are from this website)
I had:
-Vampire + Toddlers installed in May
-A fix from May (I think it was temporary)

All of this was working. I dowloaded yesterday:
Parenthood + Parenthood fix + the last Update

First it wasn't working because I forget to install Parenthood (duuh) so I did, I put the Parenthood Fix THEN the Uptdate. I changed the language file (because for me it's French), I was so happy it worked... Well not really.

I have:
-my game files directly in Programs Files
-MOVED not copy/paste the files (the crack ones from Parenthood, Fix and Update)
-renamed the Game folder to "Game_"
-removed my Tray/Saves/Mods files

Aaaand... I don't know what to do more .. WhatDidUJustCallMe? Help?

EDIT: Meh. I uninstalled then re-installed everything right now it works. Took me 3hours more or less but at least I have the game running... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Problem solved; Topic closed.
- Ageha

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