Sims 4 Create a sim error after all downloads and fixes.

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Sims 4 Create a sim error after all downloads and fixes.

Post by Kikisaurusx on Sun 04 Jun 2017, 21:35

Hi, I'm new here and i have a problem wich i did not find a solution nor topic for so im opening this one.
my problem goes as followed, i open the game and go to create a sim. here i find a sim looking ate me but i can't rename him, clothe him or give him a personality or whatever. when i click the options button it doesn't pop up. I don't have any cc or mods installed so i really don't know what the problem is. it happened when i added the vampires, toddlers and bowling stuff packs. I followed the instructions that said i needed to download a new game folder but it didn't fix my issues. please help me because i love this game and i would love to play with vampires. also I am sorry if i overlooked any topics that had the same problem.

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