About downloading sims 4

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About downloading sims 4

Post by brittanyhlchan on Sun 18 Jun 2017, 17:14

Dear Games4theworld,

May I ask if I can have access to the latest version of the game (aka with all the latest free in-game updates) without having to download all the expansion packs? Recently I have downloaded some cc and some are not showing up and someone suggested that maybe my game was not updated enough...

Thank you so much for answering this and for all the sims 4 downloads!


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Re: About downloading sims 4

Post by Tarac on Sun 18 Jun 2017, 18:02

Dear Brittanyhichan,

No, we can't for the simple reason that new updates will be published very often by Origin/Electronic Arts, sometimes a couple of times per month.
If you want to be kept uptodate, you have 2 possibilities:
1. Buy the Games
2. Download all DLC's and updates for free via ZLOrigin.and accept that you always must be online via Zclient.

All downloadsites (incl. G4TW) are at present on version whilst Origin and ZLOrigin are already on

So when you always want to have the latest developments, consider the above possibilities.
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