Possible solution to game errors, Origin, infinite load, download in progress and more

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Possible solution to game errors, Origin, infinite load, download in progress and more

Post by Deniaru on Mon 19 Jun 2017, 01:06

Hello since I installed the update 1.30 I could not play, I play many errors of start, as much as of Origin, the infinite load, download in progress (the packs) and that did not appear the packages of more than have done everything that says the guide of this place.
After several days I found the definitive solution for all my problems:

1 ° Disable internet and firewall
2 ° Perform a clean installation, from scratch without changing the folder game to Game_ as the guide says
-Get a job
-Get together
Live the life
-Update 1.30
3 ° Once you've been in the sims folder at:
C: \ Program Files (x86) \ E-Art \ The Sims 4 \
Cut the folder of The sims 4 and move it to the Unit C:
- Do not move it to the desktop or to another place  the folder in C
-Add your sims 4 folder as an exception in your antivirus
4 ° Download location file:
(This file apparently corrects errors of the new update that my did not work for me)
5 ° Extracting the file rar
7 ° Go to C: then in the folder of The sims 4 go of a game, Bin
8 ° Select all files except Core and delete it.
9 ° paste the dowloading of the step 4 °
10 ° Use the TS4_x64.exe icon as an administrator (and send to a desktop by creating a shortcut)
11 ° The game is in Spanish to change it go to:
Http://games4theworld.bestgoo.com/t23293-how-to-change-the-in-game-display-language-in-the-sims-4-updated-on-22-07-2016 #
11 ° Open the game and simply play without errors.

My conclusion is that this file fixes the update to do all the steps not any other error message and problem.
Hope to serve you !!!

pd: Sorry for my english!!! Cookie from Carlos


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