Sims 3 Horses

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Sims 3 Horses

Post by notover on Mon 09 Jan 2012, 02:43

I unfortunately have been having a slight problem with my game, which is
that when ever I try to engage with horses my game freezes. I can begin
CAS, but I am unable to click on the horse option as my game freezes.
This is true of creating new horses and pre-made horses. I am unable to
adopt any horses, nor am I able to enter any lots where horses are kept.
I have yet to go to the training grounds or equestrian centre, but I
assume that doing so would freeze my game as well. I was recently in the
midst of editing a town, where I had been already playing, so various
families were loaded and the game was on pause while I went into edit a
town. I noticed that there appeared to be a horse crossing the bridge I
was intrigued and decided to zoom in, at which point my game froze. This
has been going on ever since I installed the game, and mods seem to
have zero effect on it. I should mention that I have the Base Game,
Ambitions, and Late Night, which were all purchased in full, and that I
did download Pets online. Generally I don't really care very much about
horses, but a lot of Pets seems to be based around the idea of horses,
so it seems like a bit of a waste if I cannot play them. Also my game obviously keeps freezing/crash, which is annoying. Anyhow, if anyone
knows anything about this, or if anyone has any ideas of what could be
causing it, just let me know.


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Re: Sims 3 Horses

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Mon 09 Jan 2012, 10:49

If you were on PC, I'd suggest checking your videocard compatibility and drivers.
A list of supported MAC graphicscards can be found here (scroll down a little).

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