where are festivals and specific outfits

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where are festivals and specific outfits

Post by myikka on Thu 29 Jun 2017, 16:44

first, i had freezze's problem when installing g4tw base game. when i remove it they say that i should update the setup.
so i actually use a RG Mechanics base game. its work with all G4TW addon, from get to work to city living
i don't know if its because of vampire toddler or parenthood packs that i have problems but, my game count some desapointing mistakes.
careers mistakes. when its show that my sims is at work instead he is at home if i go manage world and return to play, his career desapear and i am forced to rebegin career to his level 1, the preexisting sims in the game have also no job. if they having one since get to work to city living* i will try the sollution given before to see if its work*
here is no more san myshuno's festivals
when my sims go give birth at hospital, hospital outfits are missing
my parent skill don't build

i am desparate. please help me


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Re: where are festivals and specific outfits

Post by BreakingBadInAuroraSkies on Fri 07 Jul 2017, 19:41

I have EXACTLY the same problems. I'm going to install the new stuff pack and see if by some miracle it fixes it (I saw on some topics that it worked for some people) if not, I'll try removing my mods. I'll check in with you after that Smile we can do this!


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