The Sims 1 Complete Collection

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The Sims 1 Complete Collection

Post by ludovicandvanessa on Tue 04 Jul 2017, 03:02

Hello again,
I've eventually found an oldie but a goodie: The Sims 1 Complete Collection.
Has anyone managed to get this game working with Wineskin Winery and if so, what settings for wineskin did you use?
I used the -"skip_intro" to get me started and I've also tried different Windows compatibility modes. 
Windows 95/98 seems to make the game stuck at the loading screen whereas Windows 2000/XP crashes the game at the same point that Windows 95/98 get stuck on.
Not sure if I'm tinkering enough with the setting or if I've tinkered a bit too much  Why.
Again, any help is greatly appreciated. 
One Love
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