Required Game Data is Missing or Damaged

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Required Game Data is Missing or Damaged

Post by sarahdiedrich on Thu 06 Jul 2017, 02:03

Hi, everyone! Desperately hoping someone will be able to help me. I've read through nearly every thread on this subject and tried all of the solutions provided, but the error persists.

Unable to Start:

Cannot start because required game data is missing or damaged. Please try reinstalling the game.


First, my base game is genuine. I do use mods/cc. I have been running the game fine with all of it. The game was working for me last night. Tried to start it up again this evening and got the error message - no new mods/cc added in between launches. Regardless, I removed all of the mods/cc, still getting the error. No Origin on my computer. The Sims 4 Folder is in Program Files (x86), but I've also tried it in normal Program Files and on the Desktop. Went through all the steps in the fixes post by The_gh0stm4n. Antivirus is off. Reset the game to factory settings. 

Is there anything else I can do? Ugh Sad


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Re: Required Game Data is Missing or Damaged

Post by Tarac on Thu 06 Jul 2017, 11:25

Although a legit base game and pirated DLC's should work, it's not recommended.
Better to have everything pirated or everything legal.

What you can try is letting Origin repair your game and then add Get to Work when Origin is fully closed on your computer.
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