Sims 3 Pets problem

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Sims 3 Pets problem

Post by nurglesprincess on Wed 11 Jan 2012, 04:56

I don't see a pet shop where I can buy pet supplies for pets in game, and I looked around and was told that you have to register your game to be able to have access to a pet shop. How will I be able to register with a cracked game? There is no point to playing the Sims 3 pets without being able to use pets. Sad



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Re: Sims 3 Pets problem

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Wed 11 Jan 2012, 08:42

Well you don't really need the petshop to enjoy your game. You can do fine without it as it only sells a few items. You don't need it to add pets to your family either, since you'll be able to adopt strays, buy horses from the equestrian center, get cats or dogs through neighbourhood adoption or by simply creating them in C-A-S and adding them to your existing household.
Not everyone with a legit game can get the petshop, it came with the "limited edition" version of Pets that buyers paid extra for.
Well, maybe not so limited, we do have the limited content available right here, though you should probably know there have been some issues with it not working right. A lot of players were unable to shop at the petstore.
You could still get the limited edition petsupplies by using the buydebug cheatcode.

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