Legit Origin Sims 4 Game and the Cracked Sims 4 together?

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Legit Origin Sims 4 Game and the Cracked Sims 4 together?

Post by its_-selina on Mon 10 Jul 2017, 16:48


I've recenly bought the sims 4 via origin and i have all the cracked dlc downloaded in Program Files (x86) > The Sims 4.
Now the only reason why i bought the legit game is to use the gallery. I've opened Origin and started the sims 4 game and i was at the main menue, i downloaded the stuff i needed and closed origin and went to the pirated sims 4, however i got an origin error evern though Origin was closed. And when i start the game from Origin it works fine but with no dlc.

What am i doing wrong here? Should i move the pirated sims 4 to Program Files > The sims 4 or should i use origin on a different windows account .. I don't know what to do i only want to use the gallery with the legit base game.

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