Mass Effect 2 Problem

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Mass Effect 2 Problem

Post by Ender95 on Sun 04 Jul 2010, 02:06

Hello to all!

I have recently tried the mass effect 2 torrent available on the pirate bay, created by games4theworld. This was after trying 3 others, and them all failing because, well, they sucked. This one was the most promising, and so I dl'd it, following all instructions and making sure i met the minimum requirements, started up setup.exe, and successfully (to the best of my knowledge) installed it. Ecstatic at finally being able to play this great game, I started the launcher, clicked play, and... error message. "the program encountered a problem that caused it to close." T.T

Reading the comments on piratebay i found no solutions, only some other people complaining about the same problem. Suggestions?


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Re: Mass Effect 2 Problem

Post by Webmaster on Mon 12 Jul 2010, 12:16


Did you have the exact same error with the other torrents for Mass Effect 2 you had downloaded?

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