Need disk - Going freakin' crazy.

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Need disk - Going freakin' crazy.

Post by yelyahwilliams on Fri 25 Aug 2017, 06:53

Bear in mind, before tonight I was pretty clueless when it came to Mac. But I guess something that came of this dilemma is that I'm now much more familiar with the system....
I downloaded the Complete Collection at around 5pm yesterday.
I installed the base game and but had multiple various problems installing the expansion packs (world adventures being incompatible... the installation getting to the end then having an error pop up... but I managed to find all of the solutions in this forum). I uninstalled... Re-installed... Uninstalled... Re-installed... I was completely clearing my laptop of all things Sims.
It is now 05:44am.

I have finally managed to install all of the expansion packs. I have never read a guide so thoroughly as this one in my life. I think I know it off by heart now.
So why, why Lord WHY, when I have FINALLY finished that guide (potentially more than five times, even trying out doing the manual patch at different times, watching other people do it on Youtube, I have seriously tried every route) and actually managing to have everything installed (ultimate fix included) am I getting the error message that I need to insert a disc?

The only other thread I've found on here that applies, the replier said 'uninstall everything and do it again'.

I will end up in the looney bin if I have to do that again.
Twelve hours of uninstalling, re-installing...

I understand the team here aren't mac users. But honestly, anyone out there who can teamspeak me the f*** out of this one would be super appreciated.

I need to sleep now.

EDIT: It's 10.30am and I have woken up - and without sounding rude - I have followed steps 2-4 of the how to install sims 3 correctly 1 million times... and I just woke up and thought I'd do it again.... Did it twice and nothing.

Again, I really dont have it in me to uninstall and re-install these games again, so if that's my only option can someone teamspeak or something because I'm clearly doing it wrong no matter how thoroughly I'm following instructions.

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