Dun dun dunnnn...Game Packs/Expansions etc missing.

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Dun dun dunnnn...Game Packs/Expansions etc missing.

Post by mishabobisha on Sun 27 Aug 2017, 23:11

Hi Guys,

I haven't posted here before because usually if I read around enough, one of you wonderful people have got a solution to my problem that works.

This time I've had no such luck though!

So my problem, I've noticed a couple of other topics on it but it's either slightly different or there hasn't been a solution given yet - I'm missing, though have installed, Get To Work, Outdoor Retreat and also the Holiday Stuff packs after updating my game along the way.

Now, just to confirm - 

I have reinstalled from base game, three times, all of the expansions etc and I have, as you guys instructed, NOT installed the ultimate fix at any point. Still no luck!

I have moved my Sims 4 folder to my desktop  and run it as administrator as you guys suggested and still no luck Sad

Lastly, I've just added all the Sims 4 related folders to my exceptions in my anti-virus software etc and that still hasn't brought back my missing packs.

I'm guessing it may be the case that this is going to take a little time for everyone to get to the bottom of so that's fine too! I just wanted to post a topic to see if anyone had any other suggestions that they could think of that I could try. If not, I'll just keep checking back for updates.
Thanks everyone Smile


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