Help us save this life. [CLOSED]

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Help us save this life. [CLOSED]

Post by xEvilPanda on Tue 19 Sep 2017, 22:33

Hello everyone.
This might be a little strange and completely off-topic post but it's really important.
I am trying to help my friend with her campaign that she created to save her cat's life.
Her cat was diagnosed with CKD, chronic kidney disease and is in need of a kidney transplant within 2 months.
That of course is an enormous expense and she can't afford it. We managed to get some donations already throught the charity even we had last week but we still need at least half as much to cover the surgery cost.

PLEASE, check out her story and forward the link, spread the word. 
Every help will be deeply appreciated.


Thank you so much!

Mod edit: fundraising link removed in accordance with Forum rule #9.

- The_gh0stm4n

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Re: Help us save this life. [CLOSED]

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Wed 20 Sep 2017, 13:10

Hello @xEvilPanda,

As distressing as your (or your friend's) plight may be, please keep in mind Forum rule #9:

While it does not explicitly rule out fundraising, it can - and should be - applied analogously. The intention of the rule, in case it wasn't clear, is that one should not take advantage of this platform here to advance non-G4TW agendas/purposes, either financially or otherwise, without the explicit permission from a Forum Administrator. Just the other day some other user (unintentionally) advertised the Patreon-site of a TS4-modder. Again, I can only try imagine how difficult your situation must be, but then again: why should we disallow Patreon links to  (TS4) modders, and at the same time allow your fundraising link? And as cynical as the following may come across now, a related thought. How do we even know in practice what exactly a specific fundraising campaign is aimed for?

That aside, these Off-topic Forums are not very active anymore these days; maybe you are better served with posting about this on platforms that are frequented more strongly than the G4TW Forum (Reddit? Facebook?).

I'm really sorry for your plight, and I wish you all the best, but the link can't stay on here.

Edit: we will also think about an amendment of Forum Rule #9, to include unauthorized fundraising purposes.


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