New update on the TS4 Gallery - PLEASE READ! [UPDATED ON 04-04-2018]

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New update on the TS4 Gallery - PLEASE READ! [UPDATED ON 04-04-2018]

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Thu 21 Sep 2017, 22:57

*** Important note: ALL individual requests for TS4 Gallery items are suspended indefinitely ***

Hello all!

As you may or may not have noticed, our The Sims 4 Gallery section has (or had) been inactive for quite some time, and we therefore decided to do things differently from now on. First off, we closed the section for all new posts & threads, meaning that no new requests will be allowed. We will also - until further notice - do away with 'individual item requests' altogether until we can find a way to sort this out more efficiently.

What we will do is to provide complete item packs, sorted by Origin IDs. Note that each pack contains all creations by that specific uploader, complete as by the date mentioned in the "Last updated.txt" file, inside each pack. Now some words about the recommended usage and how we will go from here in general:


1) Please don't post a topic in a different Forum section asking for individual items, just because you cannot post in the actual TS4 Gallery section itself. The suspension applies to the entire Forum. We will just ignore and/or delete these requests.

2) I suggest you don't put everything at once in your "Tray" folders, since this will seriously lag your games. You can temporarily extract each download with WinRAR onto the desktop. You will end up with a folder that has the name of the uploader plus the patch version that the items were downloaded with. You can now fetch the tool The Sims 4 Tray Importer to help you organize these downloads, and help you narrow down the mass of items to only the stuff that you really like; you can find a Mirror link to the tool here. Remember to keep the overall number of items in your Tray-folder not too high (no, I can't give you a more specific number, but you will notice you have too many items when it starts lagging while you scroll through your Library). A more in-depth tutorial on the Tray-Importer may follow, if needed.

3) Once you made your selection of items, copy and paste all the individual files (.householdbinary, .blueprint, .room, .trayitem, .bpi, .hhi, .rmi & .sgi ) of your selection, into the following location. C:\Users\(your username)\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Tray. Note that this folder location will only show up if you start the game at least once, after installing it.

4) And..enjoy your new Gallery-items!  Happy B-day!

5) Don't forget as well, the (old) items linked in the list of fulfilled TS4 Gallery Requests - while not having been updated for a while - also work in your G4TW/RELOADED games!

6)  You can gain previews of these Gallery creations, by using the so-called online Gallery. Search for the creator(s) you are interested in, there!


To make a start, here's the first batch of item collections; and more shall follow over time. The  New! -sign indicates new Gallery creators added to this announcement, or updates to existing item collections! So be sure to check back occasionally here for new stuff (also see the topic title for the date when this post here was last edited/updated).

Arrow  Amitaliri     

Arrow  AndrewsArcade    

Arrow  Awarathe   

Arrow  Brittish-Simmer    

Arrow  BullySquadess    

Arrow  Cayrees   

Arrow  Cevans_1962    

Arrow  Chrillsims4  

Arrow  CyberdollYT      

Arrow  Deligracy       

Arrow  DevonBumpkin  

Arrow  Dimissauro       

Arrow  DutchSimsMaster    

Arrow  Dzidziak86       

Arrow  Frimlin  

Arrow  HatsyYT      

Arrow  HollieBBtv       

Arrow  Isleroux       

Arrow  Itamar_netto       

Arrow  Itsleander     

Arrow  Ivy_jie       

Arrow  Jayocean       

Arrow  Jenn2606 (xurbansimsx)      

Arrow  Jessiejessan       

Arrow  Kaleidow    

Arrow  khrysasims  

Arrow  Kijiko-catfood  

Arrow  Kreatora  

Arrow  Kriint      

Arrow  Kulthero777     

Arrow  Lilsimsie      

Arrow  Lordkiribati      

Arrow  MarcellaSims  

Arrow  MaxisCreator_01    

Arrow  N0tts  

Arrow  Ninnster    

Arrow  PeachesPlace    

Arrow  Pearljasmine    

Arrow  Ruthless_kk   

Arrow  Simarchy123  

Arrow  SimDels      

Arrow  Simnopsis       

Arrow  Simproved  

Arrow  Simsafire  

Arrow  SimsOnlineCom       

Arrow  SophSimss      

Arrow  TheDismalSimmer       

Arrow  TheGreatSimphony      

Arrow  TheSexiUnicorn   

Arrow  TheSimSupply      

Arrow  Vicky1qa     

Arrow  Vixella  

Arrow  Wilmuska_H   

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