downloading the DLC fitness caused me!

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downloading the DLC fitness caused me!

Post by taltol20051 on Fri 22 Sep 2017, 19:46

i have working on downloading the sims 4 full package for alot of hours....
iv done it correctly as shown in the update instruction..... 
i download all the package and it worked perfectly untill i arrived to "fitness stuff" :
than when i lunch the .exe file i found that the sims apearence change and they look like alient.... strange!
than i was thinking to myself maybe i need to continue to download the next package : toddlers stuff and than it didn't worked at all! i can't even open the sims.....  Why God. its like loading but nothing happens....
do i need in each dlc i downlaod , to pull out the old "game" folder ? and put the new one insted? and do i need to delete completly the old game folder? or i can keep it? 

please help me!
thank you for the support!


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Re: downloading the DLC fitness caused me!

Post by Ageha on Sun 24 Sep 2017, 14:01

Hi there and welcome to the forum! Very Happy 

Perhaps you've missed a step or gets confused regarding a particular one. I'd suggest you re-install the entire game again, and either rename your Sims 4 folder in Documents or delete it (if you have no saves/mods). Doing so, you can test the game with a fresh folder.

  1. All our games can be found at the download site here :
  2. Install Base game -> Get to Work -> Get Together -> City Living -> Vampire
  3. STOP. Either delete your current Game folder or rename it to Game_
  4. Install Parenthood -> Fitness Stuff -> Toddler's Stuff.
  5. Download the new game folder to fix issues regarding endless loading/missing world map.
  6. Remember to move out the Sims 4 to Program Files(x86)/Program Files OR wherever you which to move it to. Make sure to exclude the files/folders in anti-virus/windows defender, should you move it to D Drive or others.
  7. Run the game as administrator OR right - click the Sims 4 shortcut/.exe -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Check the box : Run this program as administrator.

Do keep me updated! Smile

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