Zlorigin opens official origins

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Zlorigin opens official origins

Post by sims48485483 on Sun 24 Sep 2017, 01:00

Please I need your help guys!!! Also English is not my main language so I'm sorry if my grammar is incorrect and I hope you'll understand

I've installed The Sims 4 with all the expansion packs via Zlorigin and it worked just fine. Then I read somewhere that I could have zlorigin and origin on the same pc and I just needed to log off origin before access to zlorigin and viceversa, and I needed to download something from the gallery so I installed the official origin and entered with the old username and password (not the one I used to register in zlorigin of course).. Then I uninstalled origin but suddenly zlorigin only opened the official origin "version" and when I type username and password of zlorigin it says that the password or the username is incorrent. I've tried to clear origin folder cache, I've tried to remove all the Sims 4 and Origin folder and I've tried to uninstall zlorigin and install it again but it still doesn't work and I still can't access zlorigin like I used to before installing the official origin.


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Re: Zlorigin opens official origins

Post by Polarbear on Sun 24 Sep 2017, 09:46

When you install Origin and ZLOrigin correctly, you should have 2 separate folders on your computer, Origin and ZLOrigin.
When you open ZLOrigin, the real Origin must be closed and vice versa.

Although both folders look almost identical, you must remove the real Origin via the file OriginUninstall.exe and ZLOrigin via unins000.exe from the ZLOrigin folder. (Do not use Uninstall ZLOrigin from the ZL-system folder)
You can now reinstall Origin via the offical internet download
Reinstall ZLOrigin via the ZL-system folder ->ZLOrigin ->setup.exe

When you do not need the real Origin for other games, you'd better not install it at all.
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