New to this downloading and installing!!!! Plz Help!

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New to this downloading and installing!!!! Plz Help!

Post by ashley42718 on Thu 19 Jan 2012, 17:46

I will try to explain my problem to the best I can. I downloaded and installed the sims 3 ultimate bundle 2011. It works perfectly fine. Now I want to install generations, pets, and town life but when I try to install generations it says I need to update my game. Every time I try to it always says it was unable to update it. I'm sooo confused. I've installed the store update June 2011 but it didn't change anything. If anyone could offer some direction or advice on what to do it would be greatly appreciated. Plz put it to simplest terms bc i'm very much a newbie at all this.

Thank you

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Re: New to this downloading and installing!!!! Plz Help!

Post by Webmaster on Thu 19 Jan 2012, 20:27


Welcome to the Forum! We love to help you get started.

First of all, for the future, I recommend never downloading any "Complete" packages, but just download all the games one by one, since those Complete Bundles and stuff like that are usually modified and therefore could cause some frustrating problems.
Now, in order to fix you problem, please apply this manual patch first:

When you've done that, install everything else, following these instructions:

Good luck and please let us know the result!

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