Game Data Incomplete

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Game Data Incomplete

Post by littlemissbug on Fri 29 Sep 2017, 20:25

i have the Sims 4 installed on my personal PC (all from here, no current issues), and i helped my friend install it on her laptop. we followed the instructions to a T (i've reinstalled this game so many times lol i payed very close attention when installing hers) and it runs, but when she opens it a popup comes up that says: "pack download in progress. your uninstalled packs are downloading now. youll receive a notif once your downloads are complete." 
all of the expansions seem to be there (except for pets, obv) but when she hovers over some of them they say like "downloading" or something. 

i told her to ignore it and see what happens, but another popup came up that said: "game data incomplete. not all game data could be loaded. the save game references neighborhoods that has been uninstalled or are otherwise no longer available. if you continue playing you will encounter missing data and may have unexpected results. if you save the game there will be no way to recover the missing data." if she clicks ok, shes then prompted with the "items removed" dialog screen you usually get if you run a modded save without mods.

i did send her my CC & saves (she used to play on my PC so she had a save already), but everything works in my game and we both have 64 bit machines (yes, i moved the sims 4 folder from program files (x86) to the regular program files & im launching as admin from the TS4_x64) but none of her expansions are showing up. 

ive been searching the forums for hours and i only found one other person that had this problem and their fix didn't help me  Why God. anyone have any ideas???


we renamed the sims 4 folder in her docs folder so a new one would be made when she launched it, and she still got all of the same errors...

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Re: Game Data Incomplete

Post by Ageha on Sat 30 Sep 2017, 15:53

Hello @littlemissbug ,

Try placing this new game folder instead to her Sims 4 installation folder. See if the incomplete bug is still there or not.

If not, try re-installing the game again or choose 'Repair' when you click on the The_Sims_4_Setup.exe.
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