I've seen quite a number of "Helpers/Moderators" here disappearing.

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I've seen quite a number of "Helpers/Moderators" here disappearing.

Post by Polarbear on Sat 30 Sep 2017, 16:46

I've seen quite a number of "Helpers/Moderators" here disappearing from the forum.
Members that answered questions almost 24/7, like J.T., Shamrock, Tarac, Invalidusername, Sims Architect and others.
Why don't they visit the forum anymore ?
And what does the title Child of Admin mean.

Mod edit: topic title clarified.

- The_gh0stm4n

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Re: I've seen quite a number of "Helpers/Moderators" here disappearing.

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Sat 30 Sep 2017, 20:11

Hello @Polarbear,

I moved your post to the correct section. One thing straight away, for the future please try making more of an effort to post your questions in more appropriate forum sections. It makes the task of the Moderators easier. As interesting as the question is:

Polarbear wrote:Why don't they visit the forum anymore ?

Maybe it's more feasible for you to try sending them private messages or using their green e-mail buttons on their Forum profiles. Maybe they will reply to you. Since we do not know these people in real-life and they often live a great distance away (geographically) from one another, we often do not know anything about what happened to them either, in detail. We are made up of volunteers and therefore we don't have any meaningful connection with one another besides the Forum. Of course, if active community members disappear then there is always the questions "what happened?" or "are they OK?". Sometimes they have to go because of breaking forum rules, other times they lost interest and/or need to focus more on their other real-life obligations. The latter is the most common reason apparently. Before you ask, no, we will not comment on moderating issues regarding individual ex-users. But as said, you are more than welcome to try getting in touch with those users by means of the Forum PM-system or the green e-mail button, if they have it activated.

Also, the assessment of "people disappearing all of a sudden" is not accurate either. Oftentimes former Helpers and Moderators gave a heads-up that (due to to real-life obligations) they won't be posting much anymore. And those notices are sent to the Admins in private usually.

Sometimes they do log in and visit the Forum these days as well, despite not posting (much). I myself am in touch with Sim Architect, Phoebe, sometimes also SeoY, outside of the Forum, and with a few other Helpers from back then as well, mostly through e-mail.

As for the "Child of Admin", I do not know. That was introduced by The Admin himself back then, but it appears this is a humorous reference only. Nothing more serious.


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