Crashing (Mac) can't find solution.

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Crashing (Mac) can't find solution.

Post by mnoite on Fri 06 Oct 2017, 22:25


It's my second time using your sims 3 tutorial. First time was ok... now I've tried again and there's no way I can play sims 3 on my mac... The instalation was done (After 2 days trying) ahaha but now I can't play it... Can you pleeeeease help me!? I really miss sims  Why God.

Thank you, 


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Re: Crashing (Mac) can't find solution.

Post by TomatoEddie on Mon 09 Oct 2017, 19:09


an Exception Raised problem could be the result of a lot of things; in order to understand the problem, i suggest you do the following:

• go to your Documents/Electronic Arts/ folder and move the "The Sims 3" folder to the Desktop, or rename it to something like "The Old Sims 3" (just an example — it doesn't need to be that foolish Razz );
• now open The Sims 3 game; when Sims' launcher fully opens, the folder "Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/" will be automatically regenerated;
• click on the launcher's arrow to start the game.

if The Sims 3 opens fine, then the problem is the result of a corrupted file inside the previous "The Sims 3" folder — the one you renamed or moved to the desktop. at this point i ask:

• do you have any downloaded CC (Custom Content) installed?
• do you have any Mod or CC Installed? (it/they should be in "Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods/Packages/" folder.

if so, i then suggest we continue this later, for you'll have to test which CC(s) or Mod(s) is/are conflicting with your game. there are several ways to do it, the reason i won't get ahead of myself in this message.

on the other hand: if the problem remains, then your copy of the game is corrupted.

the "Exception Raised" issue is a true "P.I.T.A.," Miguel; i've been playing TS3 since the beginning of 2014 and only last week i could get rid (or around) all problems regarding playing it.

wish you the very best, and please keep in touch.


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