Zlorigins question about offline play

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Zlorigins question about offline play

Post by sthrngamingdiva on Sun 08 Oct 2017, 07:30

So i have looked around and i am sorry if this isnt the right place for this or if this question has already beed asked. 
I have bought the Sims 4 and Get to Work. I also have the G4TW  cracked version of the game, and i believe it is up to date. 
I downloaded Zlorigins last night and started playing on there. It wasnt til after i already downloaded it i remember seeing something about how to play offline. I was wondering if i would have to uninstall it and reinstall it, in order to chance where the game play files go to ... or if it would happen to be as easy as moving something to a different folder? 

Yes i know why do i need to be able to access both of these offline if i already have the G4TW version already...the simple answers are... on my G4TW Sims i was playing the Medical career path and i cant get pregnant sims to come to my hospital...( i dont know if i am missing a fix that could be downloaded or if its something that hasnt been fixed. I am all new to this, i didnt know about this site 4 months ago or anything about my computer to be honest lol, thanks to all the helpful people here and on youtube i have managed to figure it all out) 

thank you for taking the time to read my silly questions

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Re: Zlorigins question about offline play

Post by Polarbear on Sun 08 Oct 2017, 10:55

In fact this is very simple.
In your ZLOrigin folder for the Sims 4 you add a new folder Game_cracked.
Just take the latest Game folder from G4TW, copy it to your desktop, rename is to f.e. Game_cracked and put it in your ZLOigin Game.
You now have a folder Game (to play via ZLOrigin) and a folder Game_cracked (to play off-line).

Note that there are now problems with the version. ZLOrigin = 1.34,  G4TW = 1,33.
Copy the file Default.ini from Game to Game_cracked and both versions will be 1.34
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