ZLOrigin - troubleshooting.

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ZLOrigin - troubleshooting.

Post by Tarac on Tue 12 Sep 2017, 14:22


Repair problems with Zclient and ZLOrigin


First check on your taskbar near the ^sign for any instances of that big Z.
Close them by rightclicking on each Z
Then try again

When Zclient does not go any further than Connecting, most probably you do not have the latest version of Zclient
Go to THIS SITE and download Zclient.exe from there.
Check that Cloud is setto Mailru

When the download is completed:

  1. Make a new folder on your desktop called Zclient
  2. Move the downloaded Zclient.exe to that folder
  3. Have you tried to download Zclient before, make sure that is doesn't look like zclient(2).exe. Remove the brackets and the number. It should show just Zclient.exe.
  4. There should be no other files in that folder
  5. Now execute Zclient.exe

Leave the cloud set to Mailru, don't change that !!

Folder of Zclient before executing Zclient


Succesful log-in via Zclient

Folder of Zclient after a succesful log-in


A fresh start in Zclient

Open the folder Zclient
Delete all files except ZClient.exe. It should now look as the picture above under Folder of Zclient before executing Zclient.
Now activate ZClient again.


When you are successfully logged in to Zclient and ZLOrigin does not react or act strangely:
First try this

  1. Press ALT+CTRL+DEL and select taskmanager
  2. Under Processes, look for any instances of Origin and end them
  3. Now click ZLOrigin again

No luck ?

  1. Delete a previous installation of ZLOrigin
  2. Rightclick on the icon of ZLOrigin on your desktop
  3. Select: open file location
  4. Look for unins000.exe (it has the big Z from ZClient in front)
  5. Double-click on it - ZLOrigin will uninstall.
  6. When that's completed, install ZLOrigin again
  7. Now install ZLOrigin again


Reboot your computer and redo the steps above

When you try and start the game a message shows about updating

Just as in the genuine Origin, an update is required shortly before a new pack becomes available.
Without that update a new pack won't play.
Rightclick on the picture of The Sims 4 and select Check for updates.

Changing languages

You can change the language in ZLOrigin (although some parts will still be in Russian):
1. Language for installation

Click on the down-arrow and you can change it at least to English
2. Language of your game
In Zlorigin, rightclick on the image of The Sims 4
Click on View Game Details.

Click on the blue "Edit" and you'll see this

Where you see (in my example) Nederlands (Dutch), click on the red downward arrow and select your language.
After selection click on OK

Downloading stops

At the bottom of the dowloadscreen you see f.e. 9 of 20 Downloading The Sims.
When downloading has stopped. click on Downloading The Sims
Click on Pause  (button with II) and immediately again on resume. (same button but now bears a down-arrow)
Downloading should continue.

You might have to repeat this after every installed DLC
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