EP does not recognize that base game is already installed..?

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EP does not recognize that base game is already installed..?

Post by ModdyLysh on Sat 21 Jan 2012, 10:53

Hi there, this is my first time posting but I really need help on this one.

I already have the Sims 3 base game and Late Night installed via Steam and I'm trying to install the Pets EP from you guys, but every time I open the installation file it prompts me to install the Sims 3 base game. I've tried putting the files in their own EP folder in the root directory but that didn't change anything. I'm wondering if there is an XML file I have to edit for the root path. Any ideas??




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Re: EP does not recognize that base game is already installed..?

Post by Webmaster on Sat 21 Jan 2012, 12:35


First of all, welcome to the Forum!
The problem is, whenever you install via Steam or Origin, your PC won't recognize the games. So the wizard doesn't either.
The only way to fix this is by uninstalling the two versions via Steam you have now and then install our version of the base game and Late Night. (Or another uploader, if you prefer) You can download them from www.games4theworld.org

During the installation just use your original codes. Not that it matters, but OK. The correct installation order can be found here: http://games4theworld.bestgoo.com/t1171-must-read-how-to-install-the-sims-3-correctly

Good luck and please let us know if we can provide any more assistance!



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