No music,some stuff in CAS not working sim not showing up and crashing after installing Cats&Dogs

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No music,some stuff in CAS not working sim not showing up and crashing after installing Cats&Dogs

Post by Akiaki on Sat 11 Nov 2017, 14:02

Before I start this I want to mention that English is not my first language so there might be some mistakes.So today I installed Sims 4 again I uninstalled it because I didn't had much fun and Cats&Dogs came out yesterday and I wanted to try it out again.After I installed base game I moved it to D drive because I didn't had enough space on my C drive.I launched it to see if it works and it did worked perfectly normal.I installed everything and then when I wanted to play I noticed that there wasn't music.I checked settings to see if it's turned off but it wasn't.And I did put that game folder that fixes endless loading screens.I thought it will maybe fix later on in game.I entered CAS and tried to make sim I tried to put some face but it didn't work I also tried to put different eyes but that also didn't work.I made some random sim with stuff that was working and when you finish creating there is like picture of all of your sims you've created (picture for gallery I think it is).But for me instead of my sim and her pets it showed red X.I still had some hope so I continued when I moved them into house after maybe 2 minutes game crashed.

As I was writing this I wanted to put screenshots but now in CAS the sim won't even show up and it crashed within 5 minutes or less.
I don't know what should I do.Should I try reinstalling?My antivirus program was off while I was downloading,installing and trying to play the game.I hope I've put this in right topic.

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