I cant make dogs or cats brindleton bay doesnt work etc.

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I cant make dogs or cats brindleton bay doesnt work etc.

Post by LoniLuv on Sat 11 Nov 2017, 20:58

I need help! I installed the game correctly but when i started the game all i got was the box that should've said the sims 4 cats and dogs but it wasn't there it was a white bow with flying llamas then the packs on the side were flying llamas and it said "The game is installing your content you will get a notification when finished" i thought it was automatically supposed to be there but then WAIT THERE'S MORE! Heeeeeey, Macarena The cats and dogs new hairs clothing shoes etc it works in Create-a-sim but the gender customization doesn't work i cannot create a dog or cat! and in game brindleton bay has a big flying llama on the neighborhood picture when i click it its blank and i made a vanilla character and played the game she cannot use any TV's she cant use any radios she cant use the fridge she cannot use the computer! WhatDidUJustCallMe? i took all cc out delete the old onlinethumbcache file old saves everything and i still have pets without having pets  Why God.  help me please someone

edit: i would like to add since getting the "were installing your content" message i let the game run on its own while i slept when i got up 11 hours later still nothing Smile


Windows version :
  • Windows 10

System architecture :
  • 32 bits (x86)

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