Unlimited loading at green diamond, or black screen in cas, or white screen in choosing town

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Unlimited loading at green diamond, or black screen in cas, or white screen in choosing town

Post by todanalu on Sun 12 Nov 2017, 23:45


Installation of Sims 4 and it's DLC failed today, tried to search forum but doesn't seem to have anything that works. Sorry, English is not native language, please let me know if anything not clear.

During the installation I got confused with step 7.

07.) After you installed the 'Toddler'-update, please go under the folder of where you installed your The Sims 4 game to. You will see a "Game"-folder. You should now rename the folder, into anything you like. For example, Game_ (see the screenshot below). Alternatively you can also move out the "Game"-folder, or delete it.

I thought the launcher is in that game folder (didn't realize the other DLC will also have Game folder), so I left it alone. I got game to launch okay.

Error 1 and attempt fix:
Error is that there is unlimited green diamond loading time during move in after CAS. So I searched the forum and found this link/fix

Error 2 and attempt fix:
After using above Game folder/fix, the CAS screen is now black. I can only still see name, trait field of the hud, but can't see the sim/room it self. If I skip CAS and just create a sim based on default and move him in, each time I tries to play the household the game auto go back to world section screen (i.e. willow creek, oasis...)  

Error 3 and attempt fix:
Then I thought if step 7 means I delete/rename game folder and using DLC game folder after toddler update. So I deleted the game folder, unzipped parenthood, fitness, toddler stuff game folder in that order into the game directory. Then the screen become white during select world (only shows menu button on top right).

Can anyone tell me what to do, or explain step 7 for me? I didn't download Pet DLC. Thank you all in advance as I may not check this regularly.


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Re: Unlimited loading at green diamond, or black screen in cas, or white screen in choosing town

Post by Ageha Yesterday at 14:36

Hi @todanalu and welcome to the forum! Smile

Hmm. I think you've messed up a couple of (major I think) things during the installation perhaps? Are you planning to update to Cats & Dogs at any point of time OR would you rather leave it out? Either way, the installation is basically the same if you plan to update or not. Haha. The main thing to take note is that if you rather NOT install the Cats & Dogs update, then the game folder (from your link) will not work as the DLC count will be different. Try to instead remove the RldOrigin.ini before copy + pasting the game folder. 

  1. Install the base game to the default path. After it's done, move out (recommended in case you have limited space in C drive and such) from the Electronic Arts folder. So now it should be either at **Program Files/(x86) OR wherever you wish to 'install' it to**.
  2. Now, copy + paste ALL folder from the Get to Work till Vampire pack and paste them to your Sims 4 folder.**
  3. BEFORE updating to Parenthood, go to your Sims 4 folder** and rename the Game folder to Game_ OR DELETE it to avoid confusion.
  4. Now you can copy + paste ALL the folders from Parenthood up till Toddler's Stuff, OR Cats n Dogs the your Sims 4 folder**.

If you stop at Toddler's Stuff, there's a 99% chance your game will start up in Spanish, thus you need the Error Code 3 fix, which is now unavailable after the Cats n Dogs update. I can send the fix to your via PM if you'd like, or instead update the game to Cats n Dogs to fix it. If your pc can't handle the newest update or you don't like all the new glitches, and bugs, do tell me here (you can tag @ me , no worries) or send me an email so I know you need the fix.

I suggest renaming your current sims 4 folder in Documents before running the game again as administrator (if you have any previous game saves and such). Hope this helps!  Very Happy

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