Wineskin Wrapper for TS4 - Works on latest patch.

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Wineskin Wrapper for TS4 - Works on latest patch.

Post by User09 on Fri 17 Nov 2017, 23:30

I created a wrapper for those having trouble with the game running on wine since C&D. There's instructions inside the .zip, but I'll post it here too.

You can get the working wrapper here:

How to use this wine wrapper

1) Unzip and drag Wineskin folder where you want to keep your game;

2) Drag “The Sims 4” folder -the one inside your previous wine wrapper- to this Wineskin folder, so you’ll have both the wrapper and the folder with the whole game;

3) Control+click on “The Sims 4” wine wrapper > Show Package Contents;

4) You’ll have this:

5) Drag “The Sims 4” folder with all the updates and patches inside Resources/drive_c/Program Files, like the image bellow;

6) Double click “Wineskin -inside “The Sims 4” wrapper- it will open this panel, click on Advanced;

7) Go to Configuration, browse to where the TS4.exe is located (if you did everything right, the path is the same as this one), select it. Your path should look like the image bellow.

Cool Close everything and run the game.

9) Enjoy!   

- User09  Good job!

ps.: Let the game run “clean” the first time around. It will create all necessary files inside your Documents/Electronic Arts/ and after you see that the game runs you can drag your Tray & Save over to this newly created one. I would stay away from Mods and CC unless it has been updated to the latest patch, since C&D created new routes for the pets to walk and interact around beds, counters, couches, etc, so if the CC has not been updated for these changes, it may brake your game.

How to run the game “clean”

    a)    Find your The Sims 4 folder inside the .../yourusername/Documents/Electronic Arts folder;
    b)    Drag it out of this folder or rename it something else;
    c)    Run the game and let it create a new The Sims 4 folder with all the necessary files. You may need to run twice in my experience for it to "see" all the expansions installed;
    d)    Move your Save folder (the one you renamed or moved somewhere else) to this newly created folder. Move also your Tray folder;
    e)    Run the game, see if everything works, load a lot or family, etc;
    f)    Move Mods folder last, run the game, see if everything works once again.

ps2.: You may need to run the game twice for all the expansions to show up. I’m not sure yet why this happens, but don’t panic if only the base game loads. Exit the game and open it up again. All packs will show up.

ps3.: This wrapper was tested in 2 different macs running Sierra and Mavericks. It works on both. If after following these instructions you still cannot make your game run, the problem lies inside your TS4 folder, probably you have missing or corrupted files. I suggest you start a clean installation.

Info on what’s running on this wrapper:

Wrapper version: Wineskin 2.6.2 (check image above)
Engine: WS9WINE2.16 (check image above)

Mod edit: link shortened and moved to "Mac Fixes".

- The_gh0stm4n

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