H E L P ! ! ! Sims 4: Households won't load, it takes me back to the main screen.

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H E L P ! ! ! Sims 4: Households won't load, it takes me back to the main screen.

Post by SuccubusFlynn on Sat 25 Nov 2017, 20:28


I have downloaded the game before from this particular website and it worked perfectly, but after a few months, my laptop had some viruses and I had it fixed, so everything was deleted.
I got my laptop back and I downloaded the Base game and the Get to Work expansion. The base game worked fine until I moved the Get to Work files and followed the exact same steps as the instructions.
The game works fine unless I select a random household and press the Play button, it buffers for a while and then gets back to the main menu with an empty error box and an OK. (https://i62.servimg.com/u/f62/19/81/61/41/simsno10.jpg
So, obviously I can not play because the Live Mode never loads as it should.
This has never happened to me again, I hope it can somehow get fixed.
I checked other possible solutions, nothing seemed to be close to my case.

Note: No mods in the game, absolutely nothing.
I downloaded everything from the beginning and I followed the instructions correctly.
Note #2: Even though I installed the Get to Work expansion, it doesn't seem to have been correctly installed, because no updates or anything came up on the screen as usual, so I guess there is something wrong with the installation.
Note #3: I tried deleting the Get to Work files and the base game seems to work fine.
(But the thing is, I have to install so many other expansion packs and I'm still stuck with this Get to Work error.  Why God.)

If anyone else had the same issue, please comment below.

Thank you in advance.

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