TS4 fails to launch: game data missing

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TS4 fails to launch: game data missing

Post by goldstartup on Sat 25 Nov 2017, 21:09

Hi everyone, new member here. I'm really impressed with this community and for all of the work that's been done here. Impressive!

I've downloaded and installed the games and EPs per the installation guide, taking care to handle the Game folder as instructed. 

When I launch TS4 through Wineskin, I get an error message 'cannot start because required game data is missing or damaged'. I wonder if this Game folder has data missing (and if I screwed up along the way) - an image of my folder is here in case it's any help: (nvm, new members can't post imgur links).

I've updated vcrun 2012 and 2013, and am running the latest version of Wineskin (2.6.2). 

Would anyone have any advice or tips for this situation? I've searched the forums and couldn't quite find anything that fits this. I could delete/reinstall everything, but I'm hoping that there's something else I can try in the meantime because it took nearly 12 hours to get everything downloaded and installed. Is there a way to diagnose the issue in the game folder by looking at the contents? 

Thanks in advance, goldstartup

EDIT: I tried to update my game folder (Fix for endless household loading screen/latest available "Game"-folder. [VERSION]), to no avail.

EDIT2: ok, I deleted everything and began re-downloading and reinstalling. 
Install the base game and it works just fine. I download and install the Get to Work folders (copying + replacing per the installation instructions). I just tried launching the program and I'm getting the same error message (game data missing; reinstall or repair). Should I just be merging all of these files instead? Or is it normal to experience this until all EP's are downloaded?

EDIT3: Ok, I FIXED THIS ISSUE by meticulously copying/pasting all of the individual files into the folders. Copying over a bunch of folders did NOT work and I lost game data throughout the install process. Note to future readers: how you copy/paste the files makes a big difference. 

Consider this solved!

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