Ps3 Firmware 4.82 Jailbreak by USB only - now possible

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Ps3 Firmware 4.82 Jailbreak by USB only - now possible

Post by Misfit203 on Fri 01 Dec 2017, 16:59

NEW PS3XPLOIT for PS3 Firmware 4.82!
No need to take apart your console and mess around inside, no need to downgrade your firmware, all done now with USB stick.

heres a few links to get you started...

Ps3Xploit - Now Install CFW from 4.82 OFW: NOR/NAND Software Flash Writer + NOR Dumper Released

Ps3Xploit - An Expert's Guide from OFW to CFW (by aldostools) + A Simple Rebug CFW Install

I've tried this twice with 2 custom firmwares "overflow CFW 4.82 version 4 with cobra" and "rebug CFW 4.81.2" and can verify it works.

That being said...
I personally am going back to using official firmware myself. ive spent 3 days researching stuff and im burned out and just as lost as i was on day 1 with what do do with it all once its installed. i dont use my PS3 much anyway, im a PC gamer and prefer simplicity.

but i just thought i'd pass the info on for those who are truly wanting to pursue it.

now is the time since 4.82 is the current version of the latest PS3 update, so i know nobody has updated to a higher version yet.

my suggestion for a custom firmware if your a total noob like me is overflow 4.82 it has some good stuff built in that you can install without having to go crazy reading stuff online only to eventually find that you'd likely want the stuff that would have been already included had you gone with overflow.

REBUG is good and highly preferred by more experienced users, but really doesnt include anything. i started with overflow, then switched to rebug out of curiosity though i was already pretty decided that ps3 modding wasnt for me and was going back to official firmware. now im probably gonna spend the next week reformatting, updating and restoring my system repetitively, in hopes that when i finally go back on psn my system doesnt get banned.

Happy Hacking!


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