Cannot Get my Sims to eat

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Cannot Get my Sims to eat

Post by DragonoftheMana on Fri 01 Dec 2017, 23:28


I have been using the downloads here for a while to play the sims 4.  I recently installed the Cats & Dogs update.  Though I having a big problem.  My sims can no longer eat.  I tried moving my mods folder so that none of the mods are active.  Though that does not seem to help.  I have followed the installation instructions as well.  I was wondering if anyone is having this same problem, or has had it and been able to fix it? or if someone knows what is going on?


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Re: Cannot Get my Sims to eat

Post by Loonieloose on Sat 02 Dec 2017, 10:01

Have you read this thread?
That fixes the issue. Good luck. All necessary links are supplied there. The program is good to have. Smile

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