Can't Feed Toddlers

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Can't Feed Toddlers

Post by terrabisa on Sun 03 Dec 2017, 15:52


So, the title is pretty self-explanatory.

Everything was just dandy, but then I updated the game by downloading Cats & Dogs (and the various other stuff packs e.g. Fitness and Toddler). I had your usual custom content issues, of course, and an infinite loading screen when clicking to play a household, but I solved them eventually. And after getting through all this trouble, I discover, to my horror, that my toddlers are pooping themselves, crying, passing out, and basically bordering starvation. And guess what? I can't do anything about it.

Whenever I try to initiate feeding in any kind of form, the action just cancels out. Doesn't work when I get an adult to do it, doesn't work when I get the toddlers to ask for it, doesn't work whether I do it through the toddlers themselves or the tall chairs. Heck, I can't even feed them through the food in my inventory.


P.S. Idk how much this matters, but I discovered that only now my sims are developing the parenthood skill? And that the toddlers are displaying those Parenthood traits? And, I mean, I had Parenthood installed. I had all the CAS items and Build Mode items for the pack, but apparently the actual gameplay wasn't working until now.


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