Sims 4 CAS Glitch

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Sims 4 CAS Glitch

Post by teeze on Sat 06 Jan 2018, 07:53

So ive been installing sims 4 all day with and without pets. but everytime i get on CAS the zooms are all zoomed up and close to their legs and me zooming out doesnt really help. I also have no mods or cc installed in the game and ive uninstalled and reinstalled thee game. And Ive already put in the last game fix. I really don't want a solution of having to install pets because thats a hassle for me. Oh and i double checked to see if i installed evrything correctly. Also if you need a picture of my CAS screen Ill happily send one.
UPDATE: I installed pets and I cannot enter households and it just takes me back to worlds


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